1. It is really important for you to review your bank statements when you receive them and for you to keep a running tab on your electronic transactions.

2. If your transactions don’t exceed your balance, you won’t have to worry about overdraft charges.

3. The balance at the ATM or over the phone is not the “real” balance. That balance does not include transactions you have completed that the bank does not know about.

4. All checks made out to the name of a business must be deposited first. If you want a distribution, please deposit the check and then write yourself a check out of the account.

5. We didn’t give your account number to the satellite/cable service and we didn’t just send your money to them. They said they had your approval. Please read your account agreements.

6. If you tell a lender that your tax returns don’t accurately reflect all the income you made last year, you’re asking for trouble – not a loan.

7. We are so sorry your car was totaled and it isn’t worth what is still owed on you r car loan. Yes, you do still have to repay the loan.

8. Yes, it’s called offset and we can take that past due payment for your loan out of your deposit account.

9. We can only allow an Attorney in Fact to do what the Power of Attorney papers says he can do. For instance if the papers say he can write checks on a checking account that doesn’t mean he can come in and add someone else on the account or make any other changes to the account.

10. Sorry, but you can’t win a lottery if you didn’t play that lottery. There are a lot of scams out there that will send you a check and ask you to send back part of the money. The check from them is usually not any good.